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Terry's Place

A Room of my Own

Terry L. James
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It's All About Me!

Mommy, wife, mommy, fan, mommy, wage-slave, mommy. That's me, and that's mostly what
you'll find in this journal.

And as much as I love my family, that's why my most secret, treasured desire is
"a room of my own"...

In this journal, I ramble about whatever crosses my mind, I post lots of pictures
of my kids (always behind cuts), and I rant a lot.

I am currently getting more and more interested in photography, and I have realized
that stashing some photos here along with the stories will help tremendously when I
go to scrapbook them later, so there will be lots of posts with accompanying photos.
The LJ is turning into a photodiary. Still lots of fandom musing and general
ranting, though.


How To Find Stuff:


Not everything is tagged yet, but the last several months are, at least.


Credit where Credit is Due

I enjoy playing with graphics programs and resources. I have downloaded stuff from
all over the internet. Here is the post where I keep a list of all the sites I get
stuff from.


The Pretty

courtesy of kellsta